Angora Cat Characteristics

Turkish angora c

Elegant silky white Angora

Elegant silky white Angora

at are beautiful Turkish cats with an elegance and well defines bone structure. They are well juxtaposed with having the elegance grace of a ballerina but also seemingly the also the tough having a certain hardiness reserved for much bigger cats. They have a luxurious long silky coat puffy tail and wedge like head shape. They have an effulgent beauty that is very unique this character make them a favourite amongst many people.

Turkish angora have a slight duplicity in their nature and although elegant and graceful can also be very clever and devious. This double-dealing makes them even more appealing to many Turkish angora breeders.

Angoras are quite outgoing and with often dote over guests and with often serenade them showing their true outgoing nature – a true flatterer.

The Turkish angora can be quite demanding with a temperament that errs on the side of persistent, unremitting, but can occasional act aloof watching from on high, voyeuristic-ally watching your every move.

Because they are a clever breed they are quite astute at opening door and cupboards and will often show themselves out when they want to be by themselves.

Turkish angora are also considered excellent swimmers and will plunge into water if need be and may even join you in the bath on special occasions.